My mother came to this country as a refugee with three children and one suitcase. She did not speak English or have a college education. She spent the first couple of years in California working full time as a maid, while going to night school, and raising the three of us on her own. She taught us that it doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you work hard, set your sights high, and never give up. Today all three of us are college educated business owners.
I've seen firsthand how strong the perseverance of the human spirit can be and how grit and ingenuity lead to success, no matter the odds. However, I have also seen how improper planning can bring you back to square one, no matter how hard you worked to get where you were.
My mother eventually remarried and became a realtor. We lived in Stockton, California where in the early 2000s everyone was in some way involved in the booming real estate market. When the market came crashing down, so did everything my parents had spent the last decade building. By the time the market bottomed out there were entire neighborhoods in Stockton where only one or two families were left in their homes. Back to square one.
That's how I learned firsthand the importance of planning for the best but preparing for the worst. Hard work and grit can carry you far, but life happens along the way.

After the financial crisis, I moved to Portland to attend Reed College, where I got my Bachelors in Political Science, with a focus on authoritarian regimes and the post-communist world. I wrote my thesis on electoral processes in nominally democratic political systems and how leaders can manipulate the playing field of elections in order to influence the outcomes. During college I studied abroad in Munich, Germany and also spent a summer at an intensive language program in Berlin. After college I returned to Germany as an au pair.
I returned to Portland in 2014 and currently call SE Portland home. I am still an avid reader of non-fiction and academic literature on political regimes, the post-communist world, and the study of languages. I speak Spanish natively, am fluent in German, can mostly get by in broken Italian, and hope to master at least two more languages eventually - likely Russian and Mandarin. Besides my career, I am passionate about travel (backpacking style!) and am an avid nail art enthusiast. 

Andreina Del Carmen Mundarain

Financial Advisor


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