Mission Driven Individuals

What is a mission driven individual? Anyone who is highly passionate about working towards a cause but is not necessarily money driven. Mission driven people are trying to change the world regardless of what challenges may stand in their way

Mission Driven individuals face a series of unique challenges including:

  • Finding a balance between giving your all to your cause and taking care of yourself
  • You're so focused on changing the now that you struggle to focus on the distant future
  • Mission driven individuals often work for non-profits or start ups where they don't earn much at first (or possibly ever) so being intentional with every dollar is important
  • You don't think financial planning is necessarily for you because money doesn't motivate you

How our team can provide value:

  • By understanding that for you money isn't everything so making sure that we provide the clarity and guidance to allow you to think about money as little as possible
  • Coach you through planning for the long term, even if the future is uncertain
  • Help design a budget and a plan that makes the most of every dollar
  • Understanding that your priorities are disinct - what looks like sucess for others may not be your definition of sucess

Andreina Del Carmen Mundarain

Financial Advisor


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